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Giant V452T HD

Standard version with safetyroof and safetydoors
Standard model
EngineKubota V1505-T
4 cylinder
Max. power45 HP / 33 kW
Service weight2770 kg *
Lifting capacity1800 kg
Tipping load2200 kg **
Lifting height2964 mm **
Length without bucket3247 mm
Width on standard tyres1100 mm
Driving mechanismHydrostatic 4 wheel drive with automotive control and joystick
12 tons axles with 100% electrical differential lock on both axles
Heavy planetary end drive
Driving hydraulics84 ltr/min (440 bar)
Working hydraulics51 ltr/min (190 bar)
Tyres11.5/80-15.3 AS
Driving speed0-10 km/hour
0-28 km/hour
(with automatic gear)
Standard versionDouble acting valve at the front (mechanical)
Floating position
Rops / Fops safety roof incl. safety doors left and right
Hydraulic servicebreak on 4 wheels
Luxery spung seat with safetybelt, armrest and extended backrest
Main switch
Towing hook
1 counterweight integrated into the bumper
Working light at the front
Cyclone filter
Oil cooler
Parking brakeDrum brake
ColourGiant yellow / Giant grey / black
HitchGiant hydraulic quick change
Additional options
Tires 500/40x17.5 flota 3 (Total width 150 cm)
19.0/45x17 AS (Total width 148 cm)
15.0/55x17 AS (Total width 128 cm)
31x15.5-15 SKID (Total width 132 cm)
31x15.5-15 TR-06 (Total width 132 cm)
31x15.5-15 AS (Total width 132 cm)
Other options Foldable safetyroof
Hand inching
Shock absorber on lifting arm for full and empty bucket
Double gearpump elec. switchable for 4th function sw + leakoil to the front, 45 ltr/min
Double gearpump elec. switchable for vacuŁm preparation at the back of the roof
Double gearpump elec. switchable for 4th function sw + leakoil to the back
Service package
3-pin socket to the front or to the back
7-pin socket on the back
Mudguard wideners
Three point lifting mechanism (Cat. 1) incl. 4th function mechanical
Three point lifting mechanism (Cat. 1) with PTO, incl.: calcium filled front tyres, hand throttle, hand inching and 4th function mechanical incl. extra oilcooler (mounted at the roof)
ROPS roll bar conversion set
Glass doors left and right for ROPS / FOPS safety roof
Machine sprayed in RAL company colours
Euro hitch with hydraulic locking
Counterweight 125 kg under the machine
Combination towing hook
Traffic lights
Hand throttle
ROPS / FOPS cabin incl. heating / radio and speakers / 2 mirrors / 2 working lights to the front / 2 working lights at the back
ROPS / FOPS safety roof deluxe incl. windows front and back / frontwiper / safetydoors / 2 mirrors / 2 working lights at the fromt / 2 working lights at the back
Flashing light mounted on the safetyroof
Additional working light to the front
Additional working light behind the seat (Max. 2)
Rupture protection on tilt and lifting cylinder
Extended lifting arm (lifting height 3,10 meter)
4th function mechanical
4th function electric/hydraulic in joystick
Leakoil connection (for rotary mower, earth drill etc.)
Free return
Single-side stop on additional fuction
Double-side stop on additional function
S 2200 kg
T 1620 kg
U 1200 kg
U (With arm extended) 1100 kg
V 900 kg
W 2650 kg
X 1700 kg
Y 1250 kg

* Measured with bucket
** Measured on hinge in upright position on standard tires